October 8, 2015
October 8, 2015

Intrec coordinated a myriad of services, working with and relocating existing building services constraints and exposing them to full view in the lab. A challenging project, resolved well and in accordance with the architects and consultant’s high standards.

The design concept developed by HBO + EMTB is an honest expression of all the activities, processes and services in the lab. The layout resolved tight special constraints and functional processes with teaching requirements. Materials were selected for longevity, durability and minimal maintenance.

Intrec conducted a complete strip out and refurbishment of a chemical science laboratory.

The project included the installation of all new mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and fire services, laboratory gases and the installation of 4 new fume cupboards.

The project was split into two sections, labs 110-118 and Lab 165, both projects included all new paint, vinyl flooring and joinery finishes.

Lab 110-118 included the main chemical science lab, installation of a new comms room, a study room for postgraduate students, a new office for one of the UNSW Professors and a pilot plant room. Installation of the 4 x fume ducts ran up five levels of the building which included the construction of a fume cupboard riser on each of the levels including a fan room on level four of the building.

State: NSW
Type: Education
Area: 520m²
Contract: Head Contractor
Client: UNSW Building F10 , Chemical Engineering
Date: January 2012
Duration: 3 months

Mechanical services included stainless steel ducting/Spiral ducting which was connected to 7 new fan coil units which ran off chilled and hot water heating coils. All fans are controlled by the DDC system and integrated with the existing campus BMCS.

All exposed services including ducting, light, gases and water lines were designed and constructed to run symmetrical right throughout the lab.

Installation of all new chemical gases including Argon, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, Hydrogen, Acetylene and Vacuum.

Hydraulic services included the installation of Natural gas, RO water, recirculating water, potable/non-potable hot and cold water, trade waste/recirculating waste and steam and fire sprinklers.

Stainless steel mesh, columns and FFE were used throughout the project.