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May 16, 2019
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May 29, 2019

A Note From Clint – May 2019

May 2019

“Our Difference is Our People”

After 20 plus years of running a successful business, it becomes easy to lose yourself in the numbers and forget what the business is really about. As a builder we pride ourselves on the spaces and environments we create and as a business owner we value ourselves on our financial performance.

But the real value of a business is its people and their commitment and dedication to the client, the project and most importantly to each other. With over 160 staff in four territories and over 200 projects annually, my mantra this year is to try and connect with as many of our team as possible and to get to know and understand the challenges they face and the successes they celebrate. This approach has allowed us to continue to invest in INTREC and foster the growth of our team, effectively harvesting our culture and duplicating our years of success.

2019 will soon be just a number from the past, with the real work mapped out ahead for 2020. INTREC has some ambitious plans for the next 2-3 years, including new faces and opportunities for staff in new sectors under our new framework. We pride ourselves on our people and will stay true to our values.

Clint Bragg