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March 6, 2019
Two Key Additions to the INTREC Team
March 10, 2019

A Word with Amy Williams

Amy Williams has recently joined the INTREC team as our National Client Relationship Manager.  In this role, Amy ensures INTREC’s market presence and forward work position is sustained by developing and maintaining authentic relationships with our valued clients and promoting INTREC’s vision to “Understand the Objective, Exceed the Expectation”.

Over the next six to twelve months, you can expect to see Amy: Meeting with current and prospective clients to further understand their needs, delivering energising client engagement activities, building on and maturing industry relationships, sourcing and winning exciting projects for INTREC across our various divisions, collaborating with industry partners to share and learn new innovations and technical expertise, creating interesting and valued content for brand building and development, proactively generating new ideas and solutions for our INTREC friends and colleagues, and contributing every day to creativity + collaboration + culture + conversations.

Hi Amy, how did you choose the property industry for your career?

I fell into the property industry by pure luck.  I was working for a local council in Queensland and felt restless in my role, the culture had changed, and I didn’t fit the mould anymore.  It was an important lesson for me.  When I went looking for my next opportunity, I was very careful about the sort of organisation I was going to work for.

When an opportunity at The Property Council of Australia came up, it sparked my curiosity and I felt drawn to it.  After some initial investigations and a few conversations with my network about the PCA, I was determined that the role would be mine.  I prepared my CV, attached a visual portfolio of my experience and a statement around how I would bring flair to the role.  One week later, I was offered a more senior position than the one I initially applied for.   

What have been some of your career defining moments?

Making the decision to move on after six years with MacroPlan was a career defining moment.  I was comfortable in my role and was achieving regular wins however things had become easy and I was complacent.  It was safe to say that I was stuck in a professional rut and despite loving the firm and feeling a sense of ownership of it, I needed to change things.  

I thought back to some of the key lessons learnt during my time at the Property Council and one thing stuck out: I operate at my best when I’m thrown in the deep end.  When I am stretched and challenged professionally, I grow and learn quickly.  Tackling new responsibilities and absorbing different and interesting information is what I enjoy most, and when I am doing this, I am unstoppable. 

So, mid last year, I bit the bullet and took a huge leap into the world of architecture and development.  An area of the property industry that was completely unfamiliar to me.  Adding to the challenge, I took on a BDM role which was also quite new and foreign to me but after a steep learning trajectory, I made it my own.

What is your personal leadership philosophy?

My personal leadership philosophy is about motivating and empowering others to succeed.  It’s about building strong teams who work together to achieve a common goal.  As a leader, I am committed to educating and investing in the growth of my team mates and peers, understanding that it’s often a two-way learning stream and that different perspectives and experiences are important and valued.For me, I value authenticity and diversity in my personal and professional relationships.  I believe you should surround yourself with people who are always encouraging and challenging you to think creatively and innovatively.

I also see myself as a champion for the cause.  I am passionate about what I do, it’s not just a job for me, it’s what I love, and I find joy in engaging with the industry and learning more about it every single day. 

What unique skills or perspectives did you bring to your new role?

I believe the skillset I have is relatively transferrable to any industry. It’s about commercialisation rather than what I know technically. In local government, I was engaging with the end-user: understanding what community members and constituents want and need to deliver and influence the best built environment outcomes.  In property, I have been fortunate to engage with various sections of the property supply chain/property life cycle (economics, town planning, architecture, development and now construction).  Interestingly, it’s not all that different. What I bring to my role at INTREC is a different perspective gained from my background and experiences.

Let’s talk about INTREC for a moment. What is it about INTREC and the role of National Client Relationship Manager that you were most drawn to?

I’ve known Clint and the INTREC team for several years.  In my mind, INTREC have always been an ambitious and entrepreneurial company, with a nimble culture.  It ticked a lot of boxes for me. The people here have an incredible work ethic and sense of accountability, which I really like.  

Earlier this year, Clint shared the bold strategic direction for the business over the next three to five years.  During this conversation, I started to visualise how I could be a key contributor to INTREC’s growth, opportunity, diversification, national platform and influence.

I had a very powerful sense that I could really make a difference at INTREC and so I shared some of my thoughts about the business strategy and genuinely felt heard and respected.    

I’m thrilled to now be part of the INTREC team.  I’m excited and determined to achieve the goals set before me and ultimately be part of INTREC’s incredible and evolving Australian business story.

What drives you?  Has there been someone or something that has inspired your career?

I’m a goal-oriented person.  I’ve always set the bar high and if I fall short the first time then I’ll just dust myself off and go again until I get there.  Quite often, I am my own biggest cheerleader.  If I have my sights set on something, I will back myself.

For me, ‘continuous improvement’ has always been an important principle that has guided me through my personal and professional lives.  Further to that, I’m incredibly fortunate to have an amazing group of family and friends who believe in my potential and have always inspired and challenged me to become better at everything I do.

If you would like to discuss an upcoming opportunity, please get in touch with Amy Williams, National Client Relationship Manager at or 0451 155 663.