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Two very exciting additions to the INTREC team.

I am a huge believer in the power of positivity and the statement, ‘Success breeds Success’. This unwritten mantra is a huge part of the INTREC culture along with the words Energy, Passion and Commitment. In fact, it becomes contagious.

With this in mind I am excited to announce two new additions to the INTREC Team. Firstly, Andrew Thurlow has joined INTREC in the role of Development Director. This appointment is engineered to take INTREC whole heartedly into the Property space, adding a value-add skillset to the business at feasibility and concept stages of a project. Andrew has a wealth of experience in Property Development and in his short time at INTREC has introduced a new layer to the business.

Secondly, we welcome Amy Williams to INTREC in the role of National Client Relationship Manager. Amy is the consummate professional in networking and business development. Amy will continue to develop INTREC’s National presence and provide the link between estimating, delivery and client services.

Whilst our core business continues to focus on Interior and Refurbishment projects, our Construction division has gone from strength to strength with the award of a number of Schools projects in NSW and QLD and a series of Health projects in Victoria.

As we move into 2020 Andrew and Amy will be an integral part of the Leadership Team, shaping our next stage of growth by diversifying our services and strategically targeting growth sectors both publicly and privately.

Exciting times for INTREC …….

Clint Bragg


In the Spotlight - Prestons Public School, NSW

 INTREC have officially begun construction works on the $8.5M upgrade to Prestons Public School.

The upgrade is part of the State Government’s $6 billion school building program to deliver more than 170 new and upgraded schools across the state.

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INTREC Announcements

What a start to 2019!
With the welcome addition of a Development Director and a National Client Relationship Manager to the team, our office expansions, the internal Safety Campaign and the successful attainment of NSW Government Best Practice for $10m+ projects, it’s been a time of exciting development and growth across the company.


A Word with Amy Williams

“For me, I value authenticity and diversity in my personal and professional relationships.  I believe you should surround yourself with people who are always encouraging and challenging you to think creatively and innovatively.

I also see myself as a champion for the cause.  I am passionate about what I do, it’s not just a job for me, it’s what I love, and I find joy in engaging with the industry and learning more about it every single day. “

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